Mission Statement

We at Budget Driving School began our journey back in the early 90s when the novel concept of a futuristic driving school was born.

At Budget Driving School, we not only maintain an extensive fleet of modern automobiles of all kinds, but also have some of the most seasoned and highly experienced names in the field of professional driving. Our driving learning courses provide basic and advanced driving tutorials, lectures/classes/practical sessions for variety of automobiles including light motor vehicles, trucks, buses, forklifts, shovels, motorcycles and many other vehicles.

Our advanced driving skill development programs are developed after extensive research and study. Through the programs, we aim to improve the driving skills of our students in various areas of driving such as defensive driving and expat orientation etc. We also have refresher courses for beginners and teens.

At Budget Driving School we have created and designed courses to accommodate one and all. We have the most modern infrastructure, an extensive and modern vehicle fleet, a large team of seasoned professionals/instructors and a wide variety of driving learning programs for all kinds of students.

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